“Making Ends Meat” by Alex Horsfall- 2013- 04:30mn

Featuring the voice of Richard Wilson

This short will be screened before the feature film “Delicatessen” on Friday 31st January, 8pm at the Silverfjord Hotel.

During a time of austerity an ordinary British housewife struggles to make ends meet financially, forcing her to become more inventive with her cookery… Featuring the inimitable voice of Richard Wilson (One Foot in the Grave) and original music by Tom Dyson (Age of Stupid, Charlie and Lola), Making Ends Meat uses the thrifty spirit of post-WW2 rationing years to satirise the more recent scandals surrounding the food industry amidst the present financial crisis. The film was made, from idea to shoot, in ten days.

Alex told us what it was like to work with the award-winning actor Richard Wilson OBE who was recently awarded a Special Achievement Award at the Scottish BAFTAS: “We sent the script for Making Ends Meat to Richard who read it and said he would “love to do it”. He invited the sound recordist and I round to his home in London one Sunday morning where he kindly gave us his time to read the part of the Announcer. He was incredibly friendly, kind and professional – an absolute gentleman with a great sense of humour. We were so touched that he agreed to be involved and it was an absolute privilege to have directed such a highly esteemed and incredibly experienced actor!

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